We apply our knowledge, expertise, and resources to support you in rediscovering the joys of a vibrant and active life – and that is why we love what we do.

Our commitment extends beyond just assessing and treating physical injuries. We aim to deeply understand your individual case, considering not only the biomechanical aspects but also the emotional and psychological impact complex pain and injury can have on your daily life.

We ask questions like “what else is going on?” and “what do you want to be able to achieve?”. This helps us determine how we go about planning the most effective programme for your recovery.

This approach is widely recognised on a global scale as the biopsychosocial model of healthcare, reflecting our dedication to your holistic wellbeing.

No referral is required to see one of our physiotherapists, however if you have any questions or concerns feel free to call or otherwise get in contact.


Andrew Muir BHSc (physio), PGDip (MSK physio)

Andrew is a highly experienced physiotherapist with post-graduate specialisation in sports injuries and chronic pain. He has worked closely with a number of sports teams over the past 10 years and is currently involved with the NZ Men’s Lacrosse team where he looks after the strength and conditioning as well as contributing to the coaching set-up.

More recently he has focused on gaining the knowledge and skills to address more complex and challenging chronic conditions including migraines, headaches and lower back pain through to Chronic Regional Pain (CRPS) and repetitive strain injuries.

Sarah Woodward Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPhty)

Sarah has 25+ years of experience as a physiotherapist after finishing her training in Otago in 1995. She has enjoyed working with neurological, paediatric and occupational rehabilitation patients. Sarah also enjoys treating postural pain and sporting injuries as well as improving the rehabilitation process after falls or accidents.

Having worked in the UK and Sydney, Sarah is now settled locally in Remuera and enjoys numerous outdoor activities with her family.

Maureece Van Schaik

Meet our highly experienced receptionist who answers all your phone calls and emails on time!

Maureece is a fourth-year university student studying towards a Bachelor of Science in exercise science, physiology, and nutrition. He is also a qualified personal trainer, working with clients to improve their overall health, body composition, and athletic performance through customised exercise and nutritional recommendations.